A wonderful classic disney style cartoon that features…periods!!

I’m sharing this for two reasons. One, I want to appreciate how simple and clever the child and women designs are. The face is kept round and innocent, very popular in this time (and today!). Here we see a very classic disney girl/generic girl face, and how simple it is to carry that shape from child to adult with small minute changes.

Second reason I’m sharing this, is to reflect how this design is very much a product of it’s time. Young, innocent, soft round faces. Besides the innocent beauty, artists like Erich Sokol had a whimsical take on the female face, painting in her features through the presence of make up alone (usually omitting the nose).

Again, these are stylistic choices that reflect the standard of beauty of the time, a very dated time that does not reflect the wide spectrum of women that express themselves today.

In my opinion, these stylistic choices have gone largely unquestioned for generations, bottle-necking the type of designs that are deemed appropriate for a woman. It’s been my objective to highlight this as an artistic issue with contemporary artists. We’re starting to see the backlash of such limited outdated design, especially from women themselves.

(note that prominent noses are not usually designated to young heroine tropes. Instead we harken back to the innocent, soft round design of the 50’s and 60’s)

I’m asking artists, and their audience, to question the standards to which female design is held. My hope is make people realize how dated these notions are, how they reflect a limiting past, and to move forward from these artistic constraints.